03.08.2018 0

Simple reason: experience remaster Red Faction Guerrilla

By Jacob McCormick

Red Faction: Guerrilla came out almost ten years ago. It's hard to believe. Red Faction then returned to us a strange, unusual way — in the form of the action-sandbox...

01.08.2018 0

All we know about Metro: Exodus

By Jacob McCormick

In late June, the creators of Metro: Exodus admitted that the development of the game has been completed. The next seven months the team will Polish the project to fix...

18.07.2018 0

Almost a new game: impressions from the Realm of Royale Article

By Jacob McCormick

Hi-Rez keeps trying to on the genre "battle Royal". Not long ago, the authors of the Paladins, which was done with a clear eye on Overwatch, announced the Battlegrounds mode....

07.07.2018 0

Big city and lots of endgame content: what is promised by the creators of Division 2

By Jacob McCormick

First The Division did not abuse only the lazy. Ubisoft's first words on the next (after Watch_Dogs) downgrade graphics. Then it turned out that some gameplay features went under the...

02.07.2018 0

Farewell to the king: The Banner Saga review

By Jacob McCormick

The Banner Saga is impossible not to compare the film adaptation of "Lord of the rings". This is the same epic fantasy road movie about the end of the world,...