All we know about Metro: Exodus

All we know about Metro: Exodus

01.08.2018 0 By Jacob McCormick

In late June, the creators of Metro: Exodus admitted that the development of the game has been completed. The next seven months the team will Polish the project to fix bugs and improve optimization. We gathered the most relevant information about the game and tell you what to expect from the post-apocalyptic continuation of the series.

The game remains linear, but the place will be more

The main difference between Metro: Exodus from its predecessors will be large and open locations. Immediately after the announcement, there was talk about what the world will be completely seamless, but it is not. Players will definitely give more freedom to move and to get out into the open air the heroes are much more common — the game even will be no radiation-contaminated areas. Some of the levels Exodus will be as much as 100 times more than the major locations of Metro: Last Light.

However, the authors do not want to sacrifice the story, so that the linear constraints will have to accept. Developers do not hide that inspired S. T. A. L. K. E. R., but the majority of the team previously worked on a series about the Chernobyl zone, so the new “Metro” will try to combine the best of franchises.

The monsters will become more unpredictable, and weapons — more customizable

With more open locations and will change gameplay. Early levels were pretty linear, and the player almost always knew where to wait for the attack. Now the attacks of the monsters will become less predictable. Change of weather also plays an important role: the fog and rain reduce visibility, and the snow will probably be a disguise for any dangerous monsters.

Change the time of day will add new tactical possibilities. For example, at night, the enemies-people will relax, but to attack them in the dark will be more difficult. During the day increases the chance of running into an enemy patrol.

Will improve the customization of weapons. In past games, weapon was provided for an average of 2-3 improvement. Now each “trunk” will be five custom fixtures that affect damage, accuracy, recoil, rate of fire and amount of ammunition. Guns will be contaminated, so they sometimes have to be cleaned — a dirty weapon becomes less effective. Furthermore, unwanted weapons can disassemble the parts, and make them something else.

Gathering resources will be an integral part of survival in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, ammo is never enough. Another innovation, which has been kept secret, will affect gas masks in Last Light players have the ability to clean them from dirt and water, and in Exodus will be able to do something else.

Year-round adventure

About the history yet not much is known, but some details of the developers you’ve discovered. First, the main character is Tom, which is familiar to players in the first two parts of the series. Secondly, Exodus continues the events of the “good” final of Last Light and the book “Metro 2035” — Artem and his wife Anna left their home and in the company of Rangers Sparta are leaving Moscow and heading East in search of other survivors. Thirdly, the story campaign will show a year in the life of Artyom, so players will be able to see all four seasons.

As for the scale of history, and it will be impressive. The developers claim that the scenario of Exodus more than Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light together. While traveling, players will be able to see not only lifeless wasteland but a few cities.

Instead of subway stations — a large house on wheels

Replacement settlements and shelters in the subway cars of the old series will come armored train “Aurora”. On it the main characters will be traveling around the country and will be able to take aboard more survivors. For example, in one of the clips demonstrating the gameplay Artyom needed to attach to the new car and to save a mother and child, who gladly accepted the offer to stay on the “Aurora”.

On the train, you can hitch the new cars and improve them, and invited the passengers will open the access to weapons and modifications of equipment. In General, the “Aurora” will be a real house, which is always nice to come back.

New technologies

The developers claim that if the previous editions of “Metro” was to get you to pin yourself into the seat and admire the created atmosphere, the Exodus will give even more vivid emotions. I want to do it with the help of advanced graphics and sound: the mask will be realistic to freeze, making it difficult to breathe character, a lonely candle can dangerously shake in the darkness, and the howling of the monsters in the night will cause blood to state in my veins. On the Steam page, the authors clearly state that their new game will be not only beautiful but also very scary.

In particular, Metro: Exodus will be the first PC games that support Nvidia’s RTX technology ray tracing in real time. It is expected that it will create a more realistic reflection on three-dimensional models and to make the illusion of soft lighting. However, the technology will work only with video cards on the architecture Volta — is that it uses only the Nvidia Titan V, the cost of which now amounts to more than 200 thousand rubles, but in the fall, according to rumors, should receive the graphics for ordinary mortals.

Release date and platform

Release Exodus gathered in the fall of 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the release was eventually postponed to February 22. Perhaps the developers were afraid of competition with Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Spider-Man.

New release date not much has corrected the situation: the same idea came to mind and some other developers. In the end, the new Metro will be released simultaneously with the Anthem from Bioware, Days Gone by Sony and Microsoft’s Crackdown 3. Unless, of course, no further transfers will not.