Almost a new game: impressions from the Realm of Royale Article

Almost a new game: impressions from the Realm of Royale Article

18.07.2018 0 By Jacob McCormick

Hi-Rez keeps trying to on the genre “battle Royal”. Not long ago, the authors of the Paladins, which was done with a clear eye on Overwatch, announced the Battlegrounds mode. But “Paladins” to sew the other mechanics did not work, so the developers decided to release a separate game. Realm Royale is a free “battle Royal” in early access on Steam. Doesn’t sound too original, right? But don’t rush in absentia to bury the game, as she has in stock is a combination of interesting elements from other games.

Deviations from other representatives of the genre is visible in the lobby. While the game collects hundreds of users in one place, you need to choose a character class. There are five of them: warrior, hunter, assassin, mage and engineer. Each of them has a Suite of active and passive skills that determine the movement speed, regeneration, or damage done. For example, a mage may temporarily float in the air after a jump, which together with beer boom allows you to run across rooftops and do a lot of damage at a distance. The killer can disappear in a smoke screen and to arrange a sudden ambush, and engineers represent a sort of static class with the ability to put turrets and shields.

However, this does not mean that if you chose the warrior class, then you cannot pick up firearms. Classes don’t limit the player but forced to think on the move new ways of combining skills and weapons. Who said that short-term levitation is not suitable for the sniper? Besides, no professions of strengths and weaknesses relative to each other — it is rather a set of abilities, which will help the player better to use your own style of play.

Changes were made to the usual flow of gameplay, especially in mid and late stage of the game. At first, it’s pretty common: flying on the airship above the map, choose a place to taste and parachute. Then begin to collect all that will fall under the arm: swords, shotguns, rifles, axes, clothes, bottles, and everything else. All the loot is not only the performance but also the color of the rarity. And do you need to collect all the items at the lower level need to process in a special resource that will be useful later. In General, here are the basic rules of the “battle Royal” — the more loot in the area, the more competition for him.

Now, it gets interesting. Map Realm Royale placed the forge on which to forge weapons of legendary quality. It’s something like vendors in Fortnite, where you can exchange the collected resources. Their total of 18 pieces and they are all marked on the map, plus their not that much. Yes, and the crafting is of the order of minutes. At medium stages of the game, all the fighting will take place around these buildings.

The forge is a very cool turn of the home minus the same PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds where good loot early in the game allowed you to hide in bathrooms to avoid clashes. In the Realm of the Royale need to go, that is, “to significantly” from the first minute, as the collected resources will be needed in the nearest forge. And after will not work — crafting is not only long, but also sonorous. Be sure that everyone in the neighborhood will come running at the sound of the hammer. Of course, if you want > > > the corners, then no you can’t deny, however, the fight in the later stages with conventional weapons — not the best idea.

Enough small nuances. For example, the transport does not need to look for along the way: horse’s ass, you can call by pressing one button. His speed is not as high as for the buggy or from the Oise PUBG, so quickly catch up with the area will not work. But the move between settlements is very convenient. For those who are afraid to land in the midst of the battles, the developers stashed another thing. The player you killed, into a bird with a raised white flag. In order to send the opponent in the lobby and count myself a murder, it is necessary to destroy the bird. Otherwise, after half a minute he will be able to re-land on the island. When fighting one-on-one this mechanic does not change anything: it is unlikely that someone will allow you to live to spawn. But early in the game and in populated points, this mechanic allows you to leave the game in the first minute. Given the fact that the people in the Realm Royale is not so much, but the matchmaking takes about 3-5 minutes, this is a vital feature.

Despite the fact that feel closer to the Realm Royale PUBG than Fortnite, it would be desirable to compare it with the latter. Mostly not because of forge, but because of the style: here the exaggerated cartoonish characters and weapons combine with fabulous locations in the spirit of World of Warcraft. To argue about the style of pointless, but it is noteworthy that a rather small in size, the map is divided into several biomes. Want to run on the snow, the forest of magic or the classic village — land in the appropriate area.

At the moment Realm Royale is difficult to call a full-fledged competitor “mastodons” of the genre. She really lacks some own chips, which would say, “Yes, I threw Fortnite for her.” But at the same time, she skillfully combines existing ideas. We can say that Hi-Rez has produced a good platform for creating new games in the genre Battle Royal. It remains to wait when the Studio will do something.