Farewell to the king: The Banner Saga review

Farewell to the king: The Banner Saga review

02.07.2018 0 By Jacob McCormick

The Banner Saga is impossible not to compare the film adaptation of “Lord of the rings”. This is the same epic fantasy road movie about the end of the world, and it is all one solid piece, which came out in three parts over many years. Now this journey has ended.

In the third part, as in the second, there is a brief background for those who don’t want to start all over again. But doing so is not necessary. “Saga” is perceived differently when you pass it from beginning to end, losing key characters and observing the consequences of their decisions. The basic story is the same for everyone, but it is lived in different ways. Can you pass the third “Saga” prepared characters, and then go again by importing the save from the previous parts. The difference between these passages is striking. Not to mention the simple empathy. Easily survive the death of the hero, to which you do not have time to get attached, but another thing when you’ve been with him dozens and dozens of battles, dozens of hours of game time, and miraculously dragged to the finals.

It is still important because the third part there is not so much a new great piece of history, but the extended finale. The main characters got to the last refuge, Aberrance, in the final of the last part, and now all they do is walk around the city here and there. They beat off the attack of Drago, allowed the internecine wars and preparing for the confrontation with the Darkness that is fast approaching Aberrance. Darkness changes everything: killing nature and transforms living creatures into purple zombies. One hope is that they will stop another group of heroes with a shaky Juno, which, in contrast, moves into the heart of Darkness.

In many Berrange unusual for the “Saga” of management. The game is far from normal strategy, but the tasks and dilemmas are still difficult. The effects as always are revealed in unexpected ways, and can easily happen that you, for example, in one moment will lose hundreds of people. As on click of Thanos. OPA — half of the caravan had disappeared.

But Juno with the team followed by the classic gameplay of the “Saga” long going from left to right, encountering ambushes and ancient monuments. But they no longer need to worry about food and constantly make halts. In the Darkness, no food, and halts no time.

The fun begins when both storylines start to influence each other. Warn you that you need to save time, and after a couple of painful mistakes you realize that you need to think about each step. Important every day. The last Chapter is extended to half of the game, turning into a long, disturbing, hard code, where eats her own fingernails three times.

For game creators, the development of “Saga” also became a long journey. If the first part was a repetitive arena and the same opponents, in the third none of the arena is not repeated, although the action became even more and the enemies are a huge variety. Not only Draghi, but all sorts of people, farmers and warriors, connerotte and Varley, and the zombie version for every race, animal, zombie animals, just dark and evil.

The usual obstacles in the arena replaced the obstacles damage. You may get fire or toxic dark pool. They will take a bit of health or willpower. A team of Juno instead of horns appeared a dark sphere with lightning. They are weak, but sometimes still useful. Although sometimes the flash is reflected from the enemy and hits her in the worst cases, killing half the squad.

There came a wave. The enemies may arrive several times. If you have time to kill everyone before the next wave, you have to choose: either to escape, or to remain, and then in case of victory to the artifact. Between waves, you can even change the weary soldiers fresh and healthy. But sometimes I still run away because of a fight really difficult. Despite the fact that already in the middle of the game have several characters inject into the ceiling of the fifteenth level, with all passive skills, new and old. They beat via time-critical strike, know how to Dodge and absorb attacks, but still can easily be destroyed.

In the last game more cartoons, voice-over, monologues and text drawings, and she is the most beautiful. Marvel at such attention to detail and sense of style. Before “Saga” was also surprisingly stylish, but the finale sends it into space. Four years ago no one could imagine that eventually, we will reach the cold pink-purple surrealism, against which the will fight giant monsters. It is unclear how the soundtrack has not yet put retroview.

In the end, regardless of the outcome, experiencing emotional exhaustion, relief and grief simultaneously. This is normal when to end any great trip. Even if it was in a video game.