Simple reason: experience remaster Red Faction Guerrilla

Simple reason: experience remaster Red Faction Guerrilla

03.08.2018 0 By Jacob McCormick

Red Faction: Guerrilla came out almost ten years ago. It’s hard to believe. Red Faction then returned to us a strange, unusual way — in the form of the action-sandbox third person. She was terribly controversial, both beautiful and bad, it was a monstrous flaws and startling dignity. And all this, as shown by the remaster, only intensified.

It is necessary to say at once that we were dealing with trying to make a Saints Row on Mars, despite the fact that she Saints Row was a GTA clone-free. The developers tried to do the same thing: open world with car traffic, its own base, story and side quests. It was freedom to do stuff, running into trouble, to arrange the accident and to destroy everything. On the job, no one drove — them out at any time when I wanted to give some meaning to their actions.

But the game was a big flaw that came directly from the concept: barely colonized Mars was boring. Instead of bright, diverse, bustling city we had a monotonous sandy planet. Locations differed primarily by the height and color of the hills. There was a feeling of terrible emptiness which the developers have tried to weaken the comic density of buildings. After every ten meters was some kind of base or key building. The rebels lived across the hill from the bloody regime, and the chase was hiding, a little off the road. The world seemed lifeless. I was surrounded by decorations and you had to destroy them. This feeling remained in the remaster, and today is even acuter.

But it breaks down everything is still cool. You still feel Thor, the mighty God, who with a hammer demolishes any structure, regardless of the material and massiveness. To pieces break concrete walls, demolition beams, and as collapsing like houses. The towers and the towers were about to buckle and fall to the ground, as in blockbusters. Only manage to Dodge. Destructible is still amazing. But if almost ten years ago, we admired the technical achievement, it is now increasingly difficult. In modern games are still rarely seen like that, and clearly not because the developers are unable to do so. They do not want. That’s why Guerrilla still has something to offer. She is still able to surprise.

So, of course, it made sense to do a remaster. The game was adapted for 4K, carefully improved everything from lighting and shadows to the interface. The rollers, however, remained the same quality, but this render, otherwise there could not be. Technically, all is done great, played accurately, smoothly and quickly.

Separately pleased that the new version was given for free to owners of old. Conversely, with the remaster give the original. Otherwise, it could not be. In fact, the difference between the versions is minimal — it is only in some technical aspects. There is not much reason to buy the remaster if you have the original. But the opportunity to get it for free is a sign of respect and plus in karma.

In a sense, Red Faction: Guerrilla is now more reminiscent of Mad Max. Not so beautiful the sky is, of course, but otherwise very similar. Too little plot, repetitive missions and many of the same entertainment. But the game is still spectacular, very comfortable, even the lamp, and quietly addictive no matter what. It is amazing that it can be almost empty, but this emptiness is the soul.